Mr Otto P. Graf (GRAF GmbH, on the left) and Mr Waldemar Schütz (KLARO GmbH, on the right)

KLARO - Part of the GRAF Group

After ten years of being successful as market leader for SBR small wastewater treatments systems with air-lift pump technology, we are now setting the course for a positive future of the KLARO GmbH. Due to the succession plan of our actual CEO - Mr. Waldemar Schütz (on the right) - the Otto P. Graf GmbH take over the KLARO GmbH with the beginning of next year. Also from the 1st of January 2014, Mr. Otto P. Graf (on the left) will be an additional CEO of KLARO GmbH. Mr. Schütz will be in the company until late summer - afterwards he supports the KLARO GmbH with his longtime experiences in the field of product development. Mr. Tobias Pankse, responsible for Marketing and Export, becomes proxy holder on the 27th of November 2013. We know GRAF very well as customer because of our longtime business relationship. Through the take-over, we will stronger our position in the business field of SBR air-lift pump technology. The entire KLARO team with the well-known staff will still be your contact people in future. We thank you for your trust and looking forward - together with our new partner - to a successful cooperation.