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4 PE single home in Brazil

A 4 PE system was installed above ground for a single family house in Brazil. The ventilation is made through a tube under the roof, the EPP cabinet is located directly beside the plant. The tropical climate has no effect on the functioning of the system.

4 PE small wastewater treatment plant near Tullamore, Ireland

5 PE plant on the mountain sides of Mallorca

A KLARO 5 PE system has been delivered to the sunny island Mallorca. It is used for a new constructed mansion near the famous capital Palma de Mallorca. In face of the difficult situation towards a hillside, installing a KLARO plant was a simple operation.

15 PE plant in the canton Wallis

In difficult to access areas, it is often the transport route - and the efforts this involves - which determines the type of tank used. In the mountains, as is the case for this plant in the Swiss canton of Valais, a light Carat plastic container is often recommended. Unlike solid concrete tanks, this can even be delivered to the site by helicopter.



Industrial wastewater

Near the city of Adelaide, Southern Australia, there's a train rail workshop together with a train maintenance facility in the middle of an industrial park. Here a KLARO Easy system was installed to treat the wastewater of the whole company. The reliable KLARO system replaces a failing older plant.

30 PE small wastewater treatment plant for the restaurant Fürenalp

High on the swiss Engelberg mountain the restaurant Fürenalp is located. A 30 PE KLARO plant was installed to clean the gastronomy's wastewater. The light plastic tanks were be delivered by helicopter.

KLARO One for trout farm in Thuringia

A KLARO One plant was installed at a trout farm in Trostadt, Thuringia. The two-tank plant, which is designed for 30 PE, treats the wastewater from the living quarters of the operators, as well as the small restaurant and slaughterhouse associated with the fish farm.

30 PE plant for an apartment building on Mauritius

A 30 PE KLARO plant clears the wastewater of an apartement building on the Isle of Mauritius. A sand filter and a chlorination unit is downstreamed the SBR-plant to improve the already very good effluent values.

30 PE for the Torrent Bay Lodgde in New Zealand

The Torrent Bay Lodge is the perfect housing for lovers of the nature and to start trips along the New Zealand coast. Located middle in nature a fully biological KLARO plant is the best solution for the lodges wastewater.

24 EW Anlage in einer Ziegenmolkerei in Frankreich - Lemuy

Die Ziegenmilchverarbeitende Molkerei hat aktuell 60 Ziegen auf dem Hof, die täglich 150l Milch produzieren.
Die gemolkene Ziegenmilch wird in der eigenen Hofkäserei „Fromagerie“ zu Käse verarbeitet und im Hofladen zum Kauf angeboten.

Das Weißwasser aus der Molkerei und Käserei wird zusammen mit häuslichem Abwässer in der KLARO One Kläranlage ohne Vorbehandlung gereinigt. Die Kläranlage besteht aus einem monolithischen 16.000L PE-Behälter. Die zulaufenden Abwässer werden einer direkten aeroben Behandlung ausgesetzt, wobei keine störenden, belästigenden Faulgase entstehen.

24 EW Anlage in einer Ziegenmolkerei in Frankreich - Serraval

Die Ziegenmilchverarbeitende Molkerei/Käserei hat aktuell 30 Ziegen, die in kürze auf 80 Stück aufgestockt werden. Es werden täglich 45l Milch produziert. Die Produzierte Ziegenmilch wird auf dem Hof zu Käse verarbeitet.

Das Weißwasser, dass bei der Reinigung der Melkmaschinen und bei der Käseherstellung anfällt, sowie das häusliche Abwasser, wird in der KLARO One Kläranlage ohne Vorbehandlung geklärt. Die SBR-Anlage besteht aus einem monolithischen 16.000 L PE-Behälter und ist für bis zu 24 EW ausgelegt.

66 PE plant for a office building in Chennai, India

75 PE plant for a fast food restaurant

80 PE plant for a housing complex in French Guiana

80 PE for a Winery in Serraux, Lake Geneva

KLARO supplied a wastewater treatment system for a winery at Lake Geneva. Three plastic tanks with pre-assembled technology were placed behind an existing concrete tank.
Three different types of wastewater arise from the wine press house, public room and house that need to be treated. In addition, the grape harvest and the infrequent events (including wine tasting) lead to strong fluctuations in wastewater quantity and load.
In its first year of operation, the plant was scientifically monitored as part of a pilot project. It was established that the strict effluent values demanded are always safely complied with by KLARO, even at busy times.

80 PE plant for a power station

Near Santo Domingo de Guzmán, the capital of the Dominican Republic, a 80 PE KLARO plant was built. The plant cares about the clarification of the daily wastewater. 

85 PE plant for a housing complex on New Caledonia

100 PE plant for the sports center in Vasalemma

The 100 PE plant for the sports center of the town of Vasalemma, Estonia, was installed in huge GRP tanks. The system KLARO gave proof of its independent of certain tank designs or materials.

125 PE Plant for a holiday camp in Haukeli, Norway

160 PE for French camping site

In Givrand, France, KLARO retrofitted a campsite with a two-line wastewater treatment plant system. The tanks were installed so that the biological treatment takes place in two separate SB reactors. In the off-season, one of the SBR tanks remains switched off. When the high season begins, this is put into operation again. Part of the activated sludge from the operational tank is piped into the previously disconnected tank. As a result, this is 100% ready for use straight away. The optimal solution for campsites, hotels or holiday regions.

Walchensee and Hotel Post major project

By the Walchensee lake lies the village of Walchensee with approximately 600 inhabitants. For years, there were discussions over which opportunity of wastewater treatment was the best. The decentralised solution was ultimately chosen - a contributing factor was KLARO‘s clear cost structure, whereby everyone knew from the outset what costs they would incur.
In addition, the Hotel Post located there needed to be „retrofitted“. Limited space, heavily fluctuating wastewater incidence due to seasonal factors and high treatment requirements were only some of the challenges posed to the system. The solution: a two-line system, each with an output of 100 PE.

250 EW Anlage für ein Beach Resort auf St. Martin

45 m³/d Plant for a Caravan Park in Scotland

The Caravan Park in Aberdeenshire offers overnight accommodation in holiday homes in addition to a few large camping sites.

The plant was initially constructed for 45 m³/d and will be expanded to 90 or 135 m³/d in the near future. All 3 plants are constructed in the same way and the same tanks will be added during an expansion.

The overall plant arrangement will be in 3 lines. All the pre-treatment tanks will be connected via underwater connection, whereas the SBR tanks of the three lines are separate. Thus, all three lines can be operated independent of each other.

Not only small sewage treatment plants can be delivered pre-assembled. The large plants in XXL tanks can also be delivered by us in pre-assembled condition.


Tanks: 2 x Carat XXL 32.000 l + 2 x Carat XXL 34.000 l
Compressor: KDT 3.140
Commissioning: 2017

300 PE for a office complex near Da Nang

From wastewater to irrigation

In Al Khor in Qatar, a workers camp was equipped with a 320 PE wastewater treatment plant. The solid above-ground rectangular container was cast directly on-site. Located beside it is the machine house, including machinery and a sand filter unit. Additional chlorine is also added to the water from this machine house. The purified water is stored in the white storage silo and gradually used for irrigation.

1.000 PE for a Norwegian shipyard

A KLARO 1,000 PE plant works for Aker Kværner, Norway‘s largest shipyard, in Stord. The largest oil platforms in the world were constructed and equipped here.
The plant, which is located right at the bank of the fjord, treats all the wastewater for offices, canteens and the worker flats.
The septic tank was manufactured in a rectangular shape from cast-in-place concrete, with approximately half of it rising out of the ground. The biological level is divided onto two basins, which can be driven independently of each other.

Extra: Phosphate precipitation, two-line

KLAROs biggest sewage plant stands in Hungary

The biggest KLARO plant was delivered to the Hungarian village Rád. With 1,225 PE it is KLARO biggest plant in operation so far.

High temperature in Oman

In Oman in a factory connected with a working camp a KLARO container.blue® is in operation. Here the plant is exposed to very high temperature, but which is balanced by an internal cooling system. The operation is not compromised.

Northernmost sewage plant of the world

Ny-Ålesund is the northernmost settlement in the world and is located in Svalbard, Norway. The majority of the settlement consists of an international Arctic research station. Previously, vast sums of money had to be spent on environmental protection measures. Sewerage was discharged directly into an adjacent fjord up to now, which also affected the sensitive sensors of the local marine laboratory.To counteract this, a decision was made some time ago to install a KLARO container wastewater treatment plant. The plant has a capacity of 10,000 litres a day and is therefore designed for a population of up to 200 people, but there are far fewer researchers and staff in Ny-Ålesund in the winter months.This is the first sewage treatment plant under Norwegian administration in Svalbard with the exception of a smaller and older facility in the Polish research station of Hornsund. And most definitely the northernmost.

Containerized sewage plant for Australian mine

Near the city Weipa in North Queensland, Australia, a KLARO container.blue is used to purify the wastewater of a bauxite mine. When the system is no longer required, it can be easily disassembled and build up again at a new site of operation.

Grease separator NS 4 with 500l sludge store for the treatment of a small restaurant’s sewage.

„Weil mich Ihr Produkt auf der Messe Leipzig überzeugt hat. Die Zusammenarbeit klappt hervorragend, alles wird  in kurzer Zeit in vollster Zufriedenheit erledigt. Die KLARO Produkte haben eine sehr hohe Qualität und es macht Spaß mit ihnen zu arbeiten. Wir suchten noch Alternativen zu unseren jetzigen Produkten und da hat mich KLARO ganz klar überzeugt.“


- KLARO-Partner aus Nordrhein-Westfalen

"Schon bei der Partnerevaluation im Jahre 2002 stand für uns die Qualität und Nachhaltigkeit an 1. Stelle. Was Damals galt, gilt heute immer noch! Vom Service, der Qualität sowie der Pflege der  Partnerschaftlichen Beziehung zeugen heute über 300 Anlagen von KLARO in der Schweiz von 2 bis  600 EGW. Auch Sonderbauten oder -wünsche werden Fristgerecht bearbeitet und dem Stand der  Technik angepasst. Müssten wir heute wieder entscheiden, wir würden es wieder so machen! Alles KLARO!"

- KLARO-Partner aus der Schweiz

"We like to work with KLARO because of these different reasons:

  • They provide good quality equipment (good value for money)
  • They provide prompt and relevant responses to our requests
  • Maintenance on KLARO’s sewage treatment plants is easy
  • Close to their customer, friendly
  • They Always find a solution for the best"


- KLARO Partner from New Caledonia

  • Plants up to 50 PE
    • 4 PE Joinville, Brazil
    • 4 PE Tullamore, Ireland
    • 5 PE Palma de Mallorca, Spain
    • 15 PE Wallis, Switzerland
    • 28 PE Adelaide, Australia
    • 30 PE Fürenalp, Switzerland
    • 30 PE Trostadt, Germany
    • 30 PE West Beaches, Mauritius
    • 30 PE Torrent Bay, New Zealand
    • 35 EW, Chandolin, Schweiz
    • 24 EW, Ziegenmolkerei, Frankreich - Lemuy
    • 24 EW, Ziegenmolkerei, Frankreich - Serraval
  • Plants from 51 PE
    • 66 PE Chennai, India
    • 75 PE Milan, Italy
    • 80 PE Cayenne, French Guiana
    • 80 PE Lake Genova, Switzerland
    • 80 PE Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    • 85 PE New Caledonia
    • 100 PE Vasalemma, Estonia
    • 125 PE Haukeli, Norway
    • 160 PE Givrand, France
    • 200 PE Walchensee, Germany
    • 250 EW Simsposn Bay, St. Martin
    • 300 PE, aberdeenshire, scotland
    • 300 PE Da Nang, Vietnam
    • 320 PE Al Khor, Katar
    • 1.000 PE Stord, Norway
    • 1.225 PE Rád, Hungary
  • Containerized sewage plants
    • Working camp in Oman
    • Research camp Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen
    • Mining in Weipa, Australia
  • Separators
    • NS 4 Kemnath, Germany
  • Testimonials
    • KLARO Partner aus Nordrhein-Westfalen
    • KLARO Partner aus der Schweiz
    • KLARO Partner from New Caledonia