Components of a sewage plant

Overview of the individual components


A KLARO sewage plant is a system comprising high-quality, sturdy and relatively few components which are optimally adjusted to each other. They are assembled or adjusted individually for each project depending upon the specific requirements.

Components of a sewage plant

1. Aeration unit

Aeration unit

The aeration unit consists of diffuser bars and membrane diffusers. Diffuser bars as well as piping and fastening material are made of high-grade stainless steel.
The diffusers have fine perforations and deliver highly effective, fine-bubble aeration. The membrane is composed of plasticiser-free EPDM. Thanks to its high quality, it usually has a service life of 12 years.


3. Baffle


The baffle at the emergency overflow of the primary chamber prevents floating sludge from entering the biological treatment stage in the event of hydraulic overloading of the system.

2. Air lifter

Air lifter

We distinguish between three types of air lifter: charging air lifter, clearwater air lifter and excess/sludge air lifter.
All are assembled individually: quantity, length and cross-section vary according to the specific requirements.
Material: PE or HT plastic



4. Sampling point

Sampling point

An SBR should always be equipped with a sampling point, since only periodically clarified water leaves the plant.
KLARO sampling points are designed in such a way that the complete volume is replaced during every pump-off operation. At the same time, there is sufficient water available for extensive laboratory experiments.
The sampling points are easily accessible for extraction of bailed samples.