Control cabinet

The KLARO control cabinet meets the basic requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, based on application of harmonised standards. All the connectors are fitted and pre-wired in such a way that the cabinet is ready for connection to the on-site power supply system. All the aforementioned electrical components are arranged in the cabinet so as to ensure that they are shock-proof. The valves and compressor are controlled and monitored from here.

Control cabinet

1. Control cabinet with main switch

2. Motor overload switch:
If current consumption is too high, the motor overload switch trips. The tripping current is adjusted to the current consumption of the specific compressor. It also serves as short-circuit protection.

3. Soft-starter:
The soft-starter permits slow switch-on of motor voltage. This reduces mechanical and electrical loads on the compressor. This is beneficial for minimising gearbox, bearing and carbon vane wear.

4. Board:
For receiving and transmitting the 24V control signals.

5. Terminal:
Feed cable.

6. Controller KL40plus and KLplus:
More information here.

7. Main switch:
This switch is used to disconnect all phases of the plant from the power supply.

Electric circuit diagram:
The control cabinet is accompanied by a corresponding electric circuit diagram.



KLARO offers proprietary, sophisticated controllers, which are widely popular in the branch of industry. The devices have been constantly further developed and improved by us over the years, though the structure and the concept has been retained. The controllers are easily understandable, very user-friendly and available in 11 different languages.


  • large graphic display with background lighting
  • operating status signal lamp, green/red
  • gas-tight, membrane keypad
  • SD card interface for readout of operating data
  • visual and acoustic alarm
  • power failure bridging through buffer capacitor
  • mains input 230V
  • outputs 230V for compressor, UV, pump
  • outputs 24V for valves, fans, dosing pump, extern. alarm
  • output RS232 for communication
  • temperature sensor and pressure sensor
  • microfuses
  • all connections plug-in type


      • real-time control
      • with preset, editable work cycles
      • monitoring functions (power failure, compressor, valves, temperature, pressure, etc.)
      • comprehensive logbook function
      • ease of operation

      Operator layer with:

      Operating hours meter and manual operation function, economy mode, logbook view, etc.

      Service layer (code-protected):
      Cycle times and operating sequences, temperature limits, dosing and UV technology, fill level measurement, restart and function test, monitoring functions ON/OFF, languages, service, etc.

      Manufacturer layer (code-protected)