Mounted parts in the switch cabinet

The customisable KLARO switch cabinets are equipped with high-quality components. The centrepiece of the switch cabinet is the KLARO controller, which not only ensures optimal operation but also permits easy and user-friendly access. Each switch cabinet comes with an original operating manual.

Einbauteile im Schaltschrank

1. Control cabinet with main switch for controlling and monitoring the operation. More information: Control cabinet

2. Compressor with non-return valve
for operation of the air lifter and the wastewater aeration

  • supported on rubber pads
  • easily accessible for maintenance

3. Valve bank
for air distribution with step motor or solenoid valve technology.

4. External alarm
, optionally available in different versions,

  • e.g. as LED flashing light
  • e.g. as warning light buzzer

5. Roof slope
for rainwater run-off.

6. Eye bolt
(unscrewable) for easier relocation.

7. Double socket

8. Fan
for cooling and fresh air supply, temperature-controlled.

9. Remote monitoring
via wireless modem (only in Germany, countries of
the EU, Norway and Iceland) or LAN connection. More information: WebMonitor

10. Cylinder lock

11. Dosing technology
with dosing pump and precipitants.

12. Base board for I-cabinets -
One side can be removed for entry of hoses and cables.

13. Empty conduit opening In the floor, for entry of air hoses and electric cables.

14. Sound insulation

15. Seal
- Wraparound profile seal on the doors.