Planning and service


Contact persons


Our specialists from the technical department are available and pleased to answer your questions at any time.



1. Enquiry ...

... by the customer, and
first contact made by KLARO.


3. Inform ...

... about project data, initial conditions,
text of tender documents.


5. Offers ...

... are prepared
and sent.


7. Delivery ...

... of all the mounted parts and of the
technology housed in the switch cabinet.


2. Advice ...

... by KLARO. Demonstration of the
products as well as their advantages.


4. Dimensioning ...

... of the plant according to the customer’s
specifications and the legal requirements.


6. Adjustment ...

... of the plant and of offers as needed,
as well as preparation of drawings and
clarification of details.


8. Service ...

... if there are any
queries or problems.

Plant design


The plant designs at KLARO are based on the relevant standards and guidelines on the one hand (EN, DWA, Austrian standard, VSA, … ) and on many years of experience in handling of projects of this kind on the other hand.

For each project, waste water related technical data is prepared, providing information about the most important plant parameters.

Guest houses, hostels/inns

Guest houses, hostels/inns:

1 bed = 0,15 m³/d

Commercial establishment, office blocks

Commercial establishment:

2 workers = 0,15 m³/d


Office blocks:

3 employees = 0,15 m³/d



3 meals = 0,15 m³/d

Camping and caravan parks:

Camping and caravan parks:

2 persons = 0,15 m³/d

Clubs, sports grounds:


5 visitors = 0,15 m³/d


Sports grounds:

30 visitors = 0,15 m³/d

Calculation of plant size


For an exact calculation of the plant size, we need as much information as possible on the following points:

  • Domestic or commercial wastewater?

  • Inflow values for BOD, COD, ammonium, phosphate [mg/l]?

  • Maximum hydraulic load [m³/d]?

  • Weekend and seasonal loads [m³/d]?

  • Infiltration water [m³/d]?

  • Available space [m]?

  • Tank material: plastic or concrete?

  • Above-ground or underground erection?

  • Discharge values [mg/l]?

  • Switch cabinet type: Indoor, outdoor, machine technology?