63,00 m³/d, school, Kenya - Nairobi

400 EW, school, Kenya - Nairobi

The number of countries that have to treat their wastewater and the regulations for treatment are growing day by day. 

The wastewater treatment plant for a youth academy near Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, was built up in September 2017. The kids have to be taught how to behave responsible, also dealing with environmental problems and possible solutions. This is why our wastewater treatment plant is also helpful for educational purposes.

In addition to the boarding students there are also regular students attending the school. At the moment, the school is expanded by further buildings. This will cause a higher amount of daily wastewater in the future. Of course this expansion was already known in the process of planning, so the plant was designed for the maximum number of potential users from the beginning on.

The planning of this project started about six months earlier. On the basis of plans of the existing tanks showing the available space, the KLARO technical team designed a solution for wastewater treatment. For the machine technology our customer built up a machine house which is placed close to the plant. 

plant data:

tanks: concrete
launch: 2017

effluent values: