25 PE Grainbach, Germany

The wastewater of the organic farm is composed of several types of wastewater. In addition to the domestic wastewater of the permanent residents, wastewater from some vacation homes also runs in. A dairy with 35 cows is connected to the plant, which are milked twice a day. In total, the plant has a capacity of 25 PE. The dairy produces about 1 m³ of commercial wastewater per day from the cleaning process. The milking plant is rinsed once each with acidic and alkaline cleaning agents. Before the cleaning water enters the primary clarifier, it first passes through an upstream buffer tank in which the water can neutralize. The KLARO wastewater treatment plant has been running trouble-free since the beginning and delivers an excellent clarification result.

Plants (4-50 PE) - Single family house, Dairy plants

Grainbach, Germany

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