Accessories for grease separators



External sampling shaft

In some countries downstream sampling is stipulated according to the current standard. Therefore, the sampling shaft is part of the separator system. It is used, in addition to the prescribed collection of wastewater samples, for the control, maintenance and cleaning of the system.


Internal sampling point


The KLsepa.pop separator system also provides the option of integrated sampling. A sampling port is installed before the discharge so that it is accessible from the riser shaft.

In many countries and regions an external sampling point is stipulated.




Dome assembly

  • Including standard lip seals for easy connection
  • Sealed to ground level
  • Easily adapted to ground level with telescopic/tilting dome shaft
  • Excellent stability due to modern technology
  • Unique precision fit of the components through new production process
  • Suitable for car/truck traffic with standard concrete rings and covers
  • Fully adjustable ground level cover over the tank top, 5° tiltable (ideal for asphalt surfaces)
    Domaufbau für Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheider

    Warning systems


    According to EN 1825, grease separators can be equipped with an automatic warning system.




    Sensors, which are mounted in the separator, can measure the layer thickness and send alarm singnals if the pre-set limit is exceeded.

    Additionally, a second sensor can measure if the general fluid level increases, e.g. when the outflow is blocked.



    Warnanlage für Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheider

    Available Sets:

    Type 1: fat-layer-thickness alarm
    Type 2: fat-layer-thickness and accumulation alarm