Areas of application KLARO grease separator

KLARO Fettabscheider - Großküche

A grease separator must be installed where water is contaminated with greases to an extend that exceeds the normal household wastewater contamination. Operators of the following facilities must ensure that a suitable, functioning separator is installed.

Separation systems are classified according to the NS (nominal size). As soon as you make an inquiry for a separator with us, we will calculate your required NS, which describes the flow rate in litres per second. Factors such as the water temperature and the use of cleaning agents must be included in the calculations.

This is where grease separators are used:

  • Kitchen enterprises and commercial kitchens (restaurants, hotels, canteens, ...)
  • Grills, frying and deep-fry kitchens
  • Food distribution points (with return dishes)
  • Butcher shops / meat and sausage processing plants
  • Slaughterhouses (large abattoirs)
  • Oil mills / refineries for cooking oil / margarine production facility
  • Canning factories/ ready meals processing plant
    KLsepa.pop NS 1-4 Saphir