Accessories for separators


Optional sludge collector

All KLARO separator systems can be expanded with an upstream sludge collector. Additional sludge collectors are used for pre-filtration of contaminants contained in the water, whose density is greater than that of water. The contaminants are deposited on the bottom. In addition, larger floating material is already stopped here. The efficiency of the sludge collector is dependent on the surface area, the dwell time, the flow path and the volume.

Freed of coarse sediments and floating debris, the wastewater flows into the separator. The incoming volume flow is regulated by a flow baffle and directed into the container with an optimized flow. This optimises the sedimentation process. Additional sludge traps are useful and necessary with increased accumulation of dirt in the oil-containing wastewater, for example: Washing areas for construction vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, truck wash stalls and automatic vehicle wash systems, e.g. gantry car washes or drive-through car washes.

    KLsepa.compact Saphir
    KLsepa.compact Diamant



    External sampling shaft

    The KLARO separator can be expanded with an external sampling point. The sampling shaft is connected downstream of the separator tank. It is used in addition to the prescribed collection of wastewater samples, for the control, maintenance and cleaning of the system.


    Internal sampling

    The KLsepa.compact separator system also provides the option of integrated sampling. A sampling port is installed before the discharge so that it is accessible from the riser shaft. Attention: In many countries and regions an external sampling point is stipulated.


    Dome assembly and cover

    • Including standard lip seals for easy connections
    • Sealed to ground level
    • Easily adapted to ground level with telescopic/tilting dome shaft
    • Excellent stability due to modern technology
    • Unique precision fit of the components through new production process
    • Suitable for car/truck traffic with standard concrete rings and covers
    • Fully adjustable ground level cover, 5° tiltable (ideal for asphalt surfaces)
    Domaufbau für Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheider

    Warning systems

    According to EN 858-1 the separator must be equipped with automatic warning devices. If an elevation is not feasible, automatic warning systems must be put in place; and in addition, for potential overflow caused by backwater appropriate equipment to prevent backwater must be installed.


    Mode of operation:


    Using sensors that are mounted in the separator, the following functions can be monitored:

    • Monitoring of the layer thickness, i.e. alert if a defined threshold for the maximum collection capacity of oil/petrol has been reached
    • Detection of backwater, i.e if the general fluid level rises, e.g. due to a clogged float or an automatically locked outlet




    Warnanlage für Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheider

    Available sets:

    Type 1: Oil layer thickness alarm
    Type 2: Overflow alarm
    Type 3: Oil layer thickness and overflow alarm