Areas of application KLARO light fluid separators

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A light fluid separator must be installed wherever water is contaminated with oil. Separation systems are classified according to the NS (norm size). As soon as you inquire for a separator system from us, we will calculate the required norm size which indicates the flow rate in litres/second. Factors such as the water temperature and the use of cleaning agents must be included in the calculations. Operators of the following facilities must ensure that a suitable, functioning separator is installed.


If wastewater is drained into the sewer system, the wastewater must be pretreated with a light fluid separator. The thresholds of the local wastewater regulations must be observed, which can be realised by using further equipment such as a coalescence separator.

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Petrol stations

Separators for light fluids are not only used as treatment facilities for wastwater containing petroleum (rain water, wastewater, condensate), but also as retaining equipment in case of leakage.

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Car wash facilities

In car wash facilities or washing locations, it is not just the visible dirt that is removed from the car, but also small droplets of oil, which might adhere to vehicles. Through high-pressure cleaning this oil is dispersed into even smaller particles. The wastewater of these particles must be separated in a separator, before it can be fed to the drainage system.

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Vehicle fleets

Companies from the construction or logistics sector often have large fleets. The surfaces on which these vehicles are moved or parked must also be equipped with a separator system, if need be.

Other areas of application:

Hazardous goods locations places, tank storage

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