New KLARO products


As of now, the new KLARO controllers KLAROcontrol.S and KLAROcontrol.M are available.
The new cabinet PP will also replace the previous EPP cabinet.
Thus, two proven KLARO products enter the next generation.

New controller

With the KLAROcontrol.S and the KLAROcontrol.M KLARO offers two new controls for the operation of SBR small wastewater treatment plants, which will replace the proven KLbase and KLplus controls. Due to the further development we can now offer you an even better operation and and a wider range of features and connection options.
KLAROcontrol.S and KLAROcontrol.M are exactly the same size as their predecessors, which makes it possible to retrofit existing plants with the new technology.

Further Information

New cabinet PP

For years, the EPP cabinet has been considered the perfect entry-level model for controlling small wastewater treatment plants for small amounts of wastewater.
With the cabinet PP, KLARO now launches the successor model, which is more robust with the same size and offers a variety of additional connection options to meet your requirements.
Like its predecessor, the PP cabinet is intended for indoor installation, but can also be integrated into the outdoor column.

Further Information

Features of the new controller

Main features

  •     Housing - same dimensions, same mounting as before
  •     Microprocessor control, real time controlled
  •     Large graphic display, multi-line, backlit
  •     Control pad with OK
  •     LED status display
  •     USB interface for data exchange - read and upload data, software update (!)
  •     Several 24V and 230V outputs, with stronger power (sum up to 1.000 W)
  •     Mains failure alarm with buffering
  •     3 operating levels (operator / service / manufacturer)
  •     Manual operation function: consumers can be operated individually
  •     Extensive logbook function
  •     Measured values can be viewed, e.g. temperature, pressure, water depth, voltage, current consumption
  •     Flexible assignment of outputs
  •     Sequence tables for SBR and continuous flow systems can be generated
  •     JSON protocol for communication with WebMonitor or other PLC control, e.g. SCADA


Connections KLAROcontrol.S

  •     2x 230V compressor + submersible pump
  •     4x 24V stepper motor valves
  •     1x 24V consumer (variable)
  •     1x pressure sensor
  •     1x USB
  •     1x COM (RS232)

Connections KLAROcontrol.M

  • 5x 230V compressor + options
  • 4x 24V stepper motor valves
  • 4x 24V consumers (variable)
  • 2x inputs voltage free (float)
  • 2x pressure sensors
  • 1x USB
  • 1x COM (RS232)
  • 1x temperature sensor
  • 1x contactor monitoring

Features of the new Cabinet PP

Main features

  •     Made by injection molding
  •     Material: PP (like Carat Tank) - extremely stable and accurate fit
  •     Dimensions similar to EPP predecessor
  •     Consists of carrier (rear panel) + hood
  •     Transmission of vibrations is prevented
    - Hood with carrier via "Snaploc connections" (plastic pin in rubber bushing)
    - Rubber washers for wall mounting to compensate for unevenness
  •     All components + nameplate have fixed place
  •     Platform for LA60/80, HP100-200
  •     Slide-in compartment for control unit with snap-in mechanism
  •     Valve strip is firmly screwed on
  •     Cable stowed in rear compartment or lashed down

Cabinet PP

O-Cabinet PP

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