KLARO container.one® - The intelligent mobile wastewater solution

KLARO container.one® is the new mobile sewage plant in a standard 20 ft container. It is constructed for easy set-up and take-down (plug-and-play). Therefore the container plant is especially suitable for temporary use. It can be used in different areas like moving roadwork sites, worker camps, quarries or production plants with many employees. It is also suitable for remote work locations as research camps, tourist camps or military camps. As the technology is installed inside the container it is ideally protected from all weather conditions and furthermore easy to transport.

KLARO container.one® functions with a modified version of the proven SBR method.

  • Easy to transport (standard 20 ft container)
  • Pre-engineered and modularized design
  • Quick set-up and take-down (plug-and-play)
  • Low power use (13 kWh/d)
  • Designed to treat up to 15 m³ per day
  • Modular expandable for bigger amounts of wastewater

Take a look in our brochure for all the information:
Download KLARO container.one brochure


Sturdy design

  • Complies with the requirements of EN 1993-1-5, Annex C
  • Special, wear-resistant polyurea coating
  • Electrical and mechanical components housed in protected, separate compartment
  • Only wastewater-proof components in the wastewater
  • Standard A/C unit (EU standard)
  • Optionally available with a railing


  • Tried & tested KLARO ONE concept
  • Fully aerated, preventing foul odours
  • Easy to use and low-maintenance
  • Clear water decanter with fully automatic backwashing prevents any sludge from being drawn off


    • Easy to transport
    • Prefabricated and expandable design
    • Can be connected in parallel to process larger volumes
    • Stackable and transportable
    • Flexibly expandable (e.g. KLARO WebMonitor, disinfection...)
    • Suitable for both long-term and temporary use


      • Low energy consumption
      • Sludge stabilisation for reduced sludge volume
      • Fully automated and user-friendly
      • Wear-resistant components for low maintenance
      • Quick to install and remove (plug-and-play)

        Modular extension

        These mobile wastewater treatment plants feature a modular extension and set-up concept. This allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to designing your wastewater treatment solution. In case of larger volumes of wastewater, you could either use two or more complete 20 or 40-foot KLARO container.one systems or opt for one complete 40-foot container plant. Container plants are also available in various treatment stage versions. So they can be used specifically for pre-treatment stages, biological stages, final treatment stages or sludge treatment stages. Plant designs are project-specific and based on customer preferences.


        Moving roadwork sites
        Mining camps
        Worker camps
        Tourist camps

        and a lot of other fields:

        • Quarries
        • Logging camps
        • Military camps
        • Research camps
        • etc.