KLARO container.blue®

Technical details




  • Easy to transport (standard 20 ft container)
  • Pre-engineered and modularized design
  • Quick set-up and take-down (plug-and-play)
  • Low power use (1.2 kWh per treated 1,000 l)
  • Designed to treat to 10,000 l per day
  • Parallel connection possible for bigger amounts of wastewater



A total of four single-wall containers of high-quality plastics (HD-PE) with a specific volume of 4,000 litres each are accommodated in the system. The material used is light, robust and resistant against all wastewater substances. Each container features a large treatment dome and 3 smaller screw connections for hoses. Surrounding galvanised steel bandages provide the containers with the necessary stability for free installation.


Each of the four containers has an aeration unit consisting of three round membrane diffusors for fine bubble aeration. The aerators are mounted to a stainless steel tube. The aeration unit is fixed to the ground via two holding brackets which are clamped to the container wall.

Air-lift pump

Air-lift pumps are used to transport liquids. To do so, pressure air is compressed into the lower area of the lifts. A light liquid-gas mixture is the result; the mixture is displaced by the following heavy liquid due to the buoyancy effect in the tube of the air-lift pump and therefore lifted. In fluid mechanics, this principle is called two-phase flow. The advantages of air-lift pumps are that they can transport large water volumes from significant depths, the remarkable operating safety and ultimately the simple transport of both clean and solid-containing liquids.

Therefore, occasionally a clearwater pump is used to transport the purified (clean) water along with a charging pump used to transport wastewater and finally a sludge
lifter to transport sludgy water.

Control cabinet

The centrepiece of the system is the metal control cabinet in the front area of the system. It accommodates all required electromechanic components (controls, compressors and valves).

The components are protected against dust, moisture and mechanical impacts. The additional cooling device ensures sufficient protection against overheating. The easily accessible control cabinet contains a total of four low-noise air compressors, a number of valves and two controls that are integrated in the door.


The overall treatment process is automatically controlled via two controls (micro-processors) which in addition allow for operating parameters to be set, control settings to be displayed and operating times to be programmed actively on site.

Technical details

System-related data

  • System: 20 ft side-door container
  • Material: steel
  • Weight (Tare): 3,180 kg
  • Dimensions: (L)6,058 mm; (W) 2,114 mm; (H) 2,169 mm
  • Afflux: DN 110; height 2,310 mm
  • Drain: DN 110; height 415 mm
  • Aeration: DN 110; height 2,310 mm
  • Operating voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz (60 Hz)
  • Rated current: 32 A
  • Temperature range: -10°C…+35°C
  • Control: Power consumption: 10-12 kWh/d

Wastewater treatment data

  • Max. afflux volume: 10 m³/d
  • BOD5 load: 4 kg/d (60 gBOD5/inhabitant*d)
  • Operating time: 24 h
  • Operating mode: Automatic

Drain quality

Effluent values KLARO container.blue