From Log-in to firmware update

The KLARO WebMonitor® in pictures!


Registration for the portal takes place under After verification of the data and assignment of a user profile, the KLARO WebMonitor® is usually operational within 24 hours (excluding weekends and public holidays).
It is then possible to log in at any time using the access data that the user has created themself.

Map overview

The plants in an individual portfolio are displayed on a map on the homepage. The size of the map automatically adjusts depending on the number and position of plants. The individual plants can be selected by clicking them or entering them into the fields „Search plant“ and „Select plant“.
Furthermore, the error messages are displayed on the homepage in more precise detail (date, time, plant, message).

Plant overview

All plants registered in a portfolio are listed in the plant overview. New plants can be added and existing plants can be deleted. Likewise you can perform status requests and synchronisations here. The location and name of the plant, type of connection (incl. telephone number/email) and operator data is listed under heading „Edit data“.

Master and operational data

Information about the type and location of the plant, as well as contact details of the operator are listed under „Master data“.
The total hours operational by listed by calendar week under the menu option „Operational data“. This can also be commented on. The data can be saved as an Excel or PDF file on individual PCs.


This menu option gives an overview of all relevant settings in the control system.

This includes:

  • basic settings (PE, filtration level)
  • cycle times
  • underload detection
  • telephone numbers
  • etc.




The error messages accrue in this area and are logged precisely. The error messages can be saved as Excel files or PDF files on individual PCs. If a new error is reported, an eye appears in the last column, which disappears again once the error message has been read. This means that no error goes undetected.
Furthermore, there is the option to comment on error messages.

Remote control

The plants can be actively accessed via the menu option „Remote control“. The front view of the control is broadcast live with the current LCD display. The buttons are operated with the mouse. You have full access to all menu functions (even at service level). So error messages can be acknowledged and settings can be changed.

LAN-Client / Firmware-Update

Regular updates and software expansions ensure that the KLARO plants are always at state-of-the-art. The transmission and exchange operations of the control system are no longer necessary. In the future, updates can be performed online.
Naturally, our customers will be informed when a new update is available.


CLICK here for the KLARO WebMonitor®