The functional principle and the different versions

The functional principle of the KLARO WebMonitor®!

The KLARO WebMonitor® offers a variety of possibilities for monitoring wastewater treatment plants

For the communication between the wastewater treatment plant and the KLARO WebMonitor® via mobile radio network, the operator requires an M2M card, which is integrated into the modem. In Germany, this card is already included. Outside Germany, we can look together for the right provider for applications.
The user of the internet connection can choose between LAN, WLAN and dLAN. A private internet connection is required for this. The necessary LAN-adapter is connected between the user‘s router and the control system.

With the „Standard“ package the plant is monitored using a modem. If an error occurs, notification of this is sent to the address stored in the KLARO WebMonitor® immediately via SMS or email.

The „Comfort“ package also includes a „battery pack“. In the event of loss of power, there is enough power to transmit an error message.

The „Comfort plus“ package is equipped with an additional alarm. This means that external devices can be monitored, e.g. the filling level of precipitant canisters in plants with phosphate precipitation.

The „LAN“ package offers the easiest option for remote monitoring. The necessary LAN-adapter is self-configuring. As with the mobile radio solution, in the event of an error an email or SMS is sent by the KLARO WebMonitor® to the stored address.

Either an additional access point or dLAN-adapter is required for the WLAN and dLAN versions.


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