KLARO blue.cycle® - Solutions for reuse

Cycle of reusing water

One of the biggest challenges in waste water treatment today is finding solutions for reusing treated water. 
The goal is for water used in sewage treatment plants to be put directly to use, e.g. for watering gardens.
KLARO blue.cycle® is the result of a long and intensive period of development by KLARO. It stands for three innovative solutions for reuse, designed as an extension for sewage treatment plants.

All three systems are designed for small wastewater treatment systems from 4 up to 50 PE.

sand filtration system

KL sand filtration - Tertiary filtration

In case of strict effluent quality requirements or high influent load variations, the KL sand filtration module is recommended to enhance and stabilize the purification performance of your sewage treatment system. The self cleaning dual media filtration system reduces suspended solids, COD and BOD of the secondary clarified effluent and may also serve to prevent debris in downstream installed storage or collection tanks for the reuse of wastewater.

  • Patented, simple and valve-free setup with automatic gravitationally driven backwash for minimal maintenance requirements
  • Prefabricated plug and play system guarantees minimal work for piping and installation onsite
  • Robust UV- and waterproof housing with lock for outside installation
  • Certified performance according to EN 12566-7

Suitable for: KLARO, KLARO One, KLARO container.blue

sand filtration system

KL chlorination - Chemical effluent disinfection

Health considerations as well as legal regulations often lead to the need of the safe and reliable disinfection of secondary effluent. Chlorination is the worldwide most established method for the effective kill of many pathogens present in wastewater and inhibits their regrowth through its long term effect.  The System KL chlorination was especially developed for the use in connection with a SBR plant.

  • Chlorination with well available liquid sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Safe and simple handling of the disinfection chemical
  • Easy adjustment of the chlorine dosage pump to meet site-specific requirements
  • Volume-proportional disinfectant dosing for low and stable chemical consumption
  • Process kills near all the ecoli
  • Certified performance according to EN 12566-7

Suitable for: KLARO, KLARO One, KLARO container.blue

reuse system

KL reuse - Wastewater reuse

Avoid the wastage of precious fresh water resources through the reuse of highly treated wastewater for outdoor purposes like gardening. Therefore we recommend to combine the advantages of KL sand filtration and
KL chlorination subsequent to your KLARO biological sewage treatment plant for the safe reuse and storage of your treated wastewater.

  • Reduction of suspended solids, COD and BOD followed by chemical disinfection
  • Prevention of pathogen regrowth and fouling in water hoses and irrigation systems through the long-term effect of chlorine
  • Filtration upstream of the disinfection stage reduces the chlorine demand effectively and prevents debris in the chlorine contact basin
  • Certified performance according to EN 12566-7

Suitable for: KLARO, KLARO One, KLARO container.blue