KL e-chlorination (patented)

KL e-chlorination

Health considerations as well as legal regulations often lead to the need of a safe and reliable disinfection of secondary effluent. Chlorination is the worldwide most established method for the effective kill of pathogens in the wastewater. The patented KL e-chlorination module works with liquid chlorine and prevent a recontamination with its storage effect.
The module uses electrodes, which activates the chlorine dosing if it’s needed. The system has no connection to the control and is mounted in the contact tank. This allows a big flexibility, so the patented KL e-chlorination can be installed after a SBR-plant or a continuous running system.


  • Disinfection with a widely available sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Safe and easy handling of the chlorine
  • Plant-specific dosing with the chlorine dosing pump
  • Module runs without a control connection – easy retrofitting
  • No electric parts in the bio reactor necessary
  • Modular principle: one module up to 500 PE – easy upscaling with parallel connection
  • Total coliforms will be nearly completely killed



  • No electronic parts in the bio reactor
  • No submersible pump needed
  • Simple maintenance
  • System independent of control
  • Modular expandable
  • Robust electrodes

This Video shows how the KL e-chlornation system works.