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KLARO Quick - carrier system


KLARO-Quick is the carrier system by KLARO that can be mounted on top of your existing or new small wastewater treatment plant- in a simply way. It can even be installed by a single person. But our system offers many more advantages:

  • suitable for plastic or concrete tanks
  • all lifts and ventilation conduits are pre-installed by the manufacturer
  • hose connections are located on top of the carrier system. Thus, the entire carrier system QUICK, only has to be mounted on the dividing wall
  • a significantly simpler and faster installation by one person is possible
  • the system can be removed with very little effort later on
  • can be generally used in all two and three chamber pits with a central opening
  • The retrofitting of the new air barrier to existing systems involves only minimum effort and cost.
  • In line with the KLARO principle, the following also applies to the new air barrier: no mechanics in the wastewater

KLARO Switch cabinets


We are able to provide you with the switch cabinet that meets your individual requirements!

KLARO step motors


Since 2015 we use a distribution board with step motors to control the air ways. This offers a lot of advantages:

  • nearly noiseless
  • minimal power consumption
  • long life span, nearly free from wear
  • little pressure loss
  • controlling with 24V DC
  • same model for all switch cabinets
  • easy to change single step motors
  • power connection over a simple plug

KLARO Indoor switch cabinet EPP


  • cabinet size for up to 8 PE
  • minimal space requirements 40 x 54 x 29 cm (w x h x d)
  • whisper-quiet aerator – as quiet as a refrigerator

KLARO Indoor switch cabinet metal


  • up to 125 PE
  • system size starts at 50 x 50 x 30 cm (w x h x d)
  • various possibilities to equip
KLARO Indoor switch cabinet metal

KLARO EPP Outdoor switch cabinet plastic


  • From 4 up to 8 PE
  • Size 45 x 142 x 40 cm (w x h x d)
  • easy to install

KLARO Outdoor switch cabinet plastic

  • up to 50 PE
  • size 37 x 80 x 28 cm (w x h x d)
  • simply to install

KLARO Outdoor switch cabinet Universal


  • Suitable for compressor LA 120, 200, DT 4.10, 4.16
  • Plastic
  • Size: 58,5 x 142 x 31,5 cm (b x h x t)
  • Empty weight: 22 kg

KLARO Outdoor switch cabinet Mini


  • Suitable for compressor LA 60, 80, 120, 200, DT 4.4, 4.6, 4.8, 4.10, 4.16
  • Metal
  • Size: 80 x 88 x 67,5 cm (b x h x t)
  • Empty weight: 70 kg

Further Informations about our machine technology and our bigger switch cabinets you will find here

KLARO Quick as complete system


KLARO retrofit kits can be installed and retrofitted in many tank variations. The choice of the right tank is a basic decision.

In general it must be noted that KLARO can be installed in nearly every tank.

KLARO Easy - wastewater treatment plant


KLARO EASY is the small wastewater treatment plant from KLARO in a plastic tank. We offer a 25-year  warranty for our plastic containers, because we know that our products are powerful and durable.

  • single or multi container models from 4 PE to 200 PE
  • very durable, with a high quality
  • automobile accessible version is available
  • no tertiary treatment necessary
  • All certifications according to EN 12566-3
  • CE-approved
  • quick installation, thanks to pre-mounted technical equipment in the tank
  • energy-efficient due to fine-bubble aeration
  • 25-year warranty for the plastic container
  • easy to transport and move
  • no climbing into the container necessary
  • individually adjustable, thanks to a telescopic dome design

KLARO Classic - wastewater treatment plant


KLARO CLASSIC is the small wastewater treatment plant by KLARO in a concrete container.

  • single or multiple container models from 4 PE to 500 PE
  • adjustable size, models for all types of vehicle accessibility available
  • all certifications, tested according to EN 12566-3
  • CE-certification
  • fast installation, because the technological equipment is already pre-installed in the container
  • energy-efficient due to fine-bubble pressure ventilation
  • realised in monolithic concrete containers

KLARO GFK - wastewater treatment plant


KLARO GFK is the small wastewater treatment plant from KLARO in a fibreglass tank*.

  • single or multi container models from 4 PE to 200 PE
  • automobile accessible version is available
  • final clarification is not necessary
  • easy to transport and move
  • no climbing into the container necessary

* Container will be not delivered by KLARO

KLARO ONSITE - wastewater treatment plant


KLARO ONSITE is the small wastewater treatment plant by KLARO in a onsite concrete container.

  • Particularly in case of sites difficultly accessible, it is advisable to pour rectangular concrete tanks on-site. A KLARO small wastewater treatment plant can also be installed in existing rectangular tanks.

Adaptable to all effluent classes

Nitrogen reduction (Effluent classes N and D)


This KLARO system is designed for the removal of a large portion of the nitrogen in the wastewater. The removal of nitrogen is also a completely biological process, thanks to particular types of micro-organisms. Systems with additional nitrification create particularly great living conditions for nitrifying bacteria, which convert ammonia (NH4) to nitrate (NO3). In plants designed for additional denitrification, the circulation of the water is achieved by short aeration periods during the aeration phase, the denitrifying bacteria are activated that transform nitrate (NO3) into elementary nitrogen (N2). The excellent cleaning result of KLARO-N thus also makes the use in sensitive areas possible.

Phosphate reduction (Effluent class +P)


KLARO also offers the ideal solution for  decreasing the phosphate concentration in the wastewater to a minimum. The phosphate levels of the wastewater are regulated by an additional dosing pump that releases a precipitant. This type of KLARO is also suited for the use in sensitive areas.

  • can be easily retrofitted
  • simple handling
  • environmentally sound
  • low operating costs

Hygienisation (Effluent class +H)


A subsequent treatment of the wastewater with UV-light ensures the destruction of the remaining bacteria and germs. Thus, KLARO can achieve  a water quality that complies with the European Bathing Water Directive. Hence, the use of KLARO is even possible in the most sensitive areas (karst or water protection areas).

  • complements the modular concept
  • subsequent installation possible
  • long life, thanks to simple technology
  • maintenance-friendly

Sludge dewatering


Excess sludge must be removed regularly from the system. The liquid activated sludge can be dewatered and dried onsite with the sludge dewatering unit and subsequently disposed in the dry state. The reduction in volume and mass of up to 95% saves money for disposal and enables the transport from remote sites.

  • Dewatering of excess activated sludge
  • Reduction of sludge mass, volume and disposal costs
  • Mobile self priming sludge suction pump with flocculant dosing
  • Stationary filter module
  • Simple and save handling
  • Modular concept


    KLARO Maintenance toolbox


    The handy KLARO maintenance toolbox includes all you need for the routine maintenance of a smal wastewater treatment plant:

    • Ammonium test strips Quantofix
    • Measuring cylinder
    • Measuring cup
    • pH-measurement strips
    • Hygiene gloves
    • Smoke cartridge

    The Content of the maintenance toolbox can be reordered.

    KLARO Transport tube for sludge pipette


    The KLARO Transport tube allows a safe transport of your sludge pipette. Thanks to the tube's seizes you have the possibility to mount it on your vehicle's roof or cargo area*. The tube is equipped with a lockable lid with adaptor and a concave endpiece on the other side.

    • Size: Length 210 cm, major diameter 16cm

    * Mounting parts are not included in the delivery, but can be delivered on demand.