Grease separator for gastronomy, restaurants, cafes

In catering establishments, the installation of a grease separator is mandatory. The wastewater here is contaminated with fats and oils beyond the normal level of domestic wastewater. Before it is discharged into the public sewer system, the wastewater must be separated from the grease in a separator.

Areas of application:

  • Kitchens and commercial kitchens (restaurants, hotels, canteens, ...).
  • Grill, frying and deep-frying kitchens
  • Food distribution points (with return dishes)
  • Butcher shops/meat and sausage factories
  • Slaughterhouses (large slaughterhouses)
  • Oil mills/cooking oil refineries/margarine factories
  • Canning factories/prepared food factories
  • Frit and chip factories/peanut roasting factories

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