Treatment plants for dairy wastewater from milk processing plants

The commercial wastewater from dairy plants originates from the cleaning of production facilities. In most cases, this is white water from milk production or also white water with whey from cheese production.

Some production areas also have high levels of lipophilic substances (fats) and P loads. Basically, the influent concentrations are higher than for domestic wastewater (BOD5 values up to 3,000 mg/l).
A good COD/BOD ratio favors biodegradability.

Process concept

To ensure that biodegradation is not impeded by too many lipophilic substances, a KLARO grease separator should be installed upstream of the plant. This serves additionally for pH neutralization.

The further pre-treatment fulfills the following functions:


  • Compensation of fluctuating influent values
  • Storage of the influent water
  • Sludge storage

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