Wastewater treatment plants for weekend and vacation homes

KLARO small wastewater treatment plants are basically also well suited for fluctuating wastewater volumes. Weekend and vacation homes are a special challenge because the inflow fluctuations can be extreme. Often there are long periods without inflow, which the biology must survive.  We have a lot of experience in this field and offer various solutions to stabilize the purification process, which can also be combined depending on the requirements.

In a 6-month "vacation home test" we have had the smooth functioning of our System KLARO plants certified. Learn more

Underload detection

A pressure sensor in the control system monitors the level in the wastewater treatment plant. In case of low or no inflow and low filling level, no cleaning cycle is run, but only slight aeration. This saves electricity and still keeps the bacteria alive. With the automatic underload detection, the running time of the plant adjusts itself to the actual wastewater flow. Learn more about underload


The controller detects when multiple cleaning cycles have failed and begins exchanging water between chambers in the circuit. This returns nutrients from the first chamber to the activated sludge in the second chamber. (KLARO system only)

Carbon addition (C-module)

For particularly long periods without wastewater inflow, a concentrated nutrient solution can be added to the activated sludge via a metering pump. Our nutrient solution is harmless, can be stored for a long time, is completely biodegradable and particularly effective. Even with a small dose, a desired amount of activated sludge can be kept stable in the system, even if there is no wastewater inflow at all for months. Experience

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