Wastewater treatment plants for wineries

Commercial wastewater from wineries originates from the cleaning of production facilities and may contain coarse materials such as berry residues, label and cork residues, tartar and filter residues.

Due to highly seasonal operation, pH values, wastewater volume and loads vary considerably.
Due to the favorable COD/BOD ratio, the wastewater is considered to have good biodegradability and low P and N contents.
The influent values can rise to BOD5 4,000 mg/l. Often one has a combined influent of domestic and commercial wastewater.

Process concept

Due to the seasonal high operation during the grape harvest, a two-stream SBR process is recommended. Coarse materials such as berry residues must already be retained upstream of the plant.

A pre-treatment before the biolog. Purification fulfills the following functions:

  • Retention of coarse materials; compensation of fluctuating inflow values.
  • Storage of the inlet water
  • Sludge storage

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