Wastewater treatment plants for apartment buildings, apartment blocks, high-rise buildings ...

KLARO wastewater treatment plants are also very suitable for multi-family houses, mergers of several houses or entire villages. In general, the larger the treatment plant, the lower the cost per PE.

KLARO wastewater treatment plants treat all wastewater fully biologically, automatically, safely and unobtrusively. In addition, the plant requires only a minimum of space, electricity and maintenance. At the same time, all official requirements are met.

KLARO wastewater treatment plants basically consist of one or more clarifiers with a set-up kit and a control cabinet. The special feature here is that the control cabinet and clarifier are physically separated; sensitive electrical components thus do not come into contact with the wastewater. (Separation of wastewater and technology)

Each plant is assembled individually according to the customer's requirements. (Modular principle)

We show you the possibilities you have with KLARO clarification technology.
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