Wastewater treatment plants for breweries

The commercial wastewater from breweries usually originates from the cleaning of production plants and can contain coarse materials such as
broken glass, labels, spent grains and crown corks.

In the course of the week, strong fluctuations in wastewater volume and load, as well as pH values, can occur.
Basically, the water is considered to have good biodegradability due to a favorable COD/BOD ratio, with influent concentrations higher than for domestic wastewater (BOD5 values up to 4,000 mg/l).


      Process concept

      Due to various coarse materials that could be contained in the wastewater, breweries should make use of a pretreatment system.

      This fulfills the following functions:

      • Retention of coarse materials and compensation of fluctuating influent values
      • Storage of the influent water
      • Sludge storage

      Subsequently, purification takes place according to the KLARO SBR process.

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