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KLARO Light Fluid Separator KLsepa.compact from NS3 to NS15

In facilities such as petrol stations, car wash facilities or workshops the danger of light-fluid polluted wastewater is constantly present. Before this wastewater is lead to the canalisation (or to a wastewater treatment plant), the oil must be separated from the water. With KLsepa.compact KLARO priovides convenient light fluid separators in plastic tanks. They are available as petrol separators (System B) or as coalescence separators (System A).


of the KLARO light fluid separator

  • Volume-optimized compact separator
  • Tank-independent separator module
  • Expandable with additional upstream sludge trap
  • Available as petrol separator (class II) or as coalescence separator (class I)
  • Oil storage tank 500l: Sizes partially suitable for high-performance discharge systems
Plastic tanks
  • Seamless tank, manufactured in one piece
  • Low transport costs thanks to lower weight (as concrete container)
  • Attachment parts in plastic with variable height and level adjustment
  • Low maintenance costs with easyclean internal surfaces
  • No degradable inner lining

Light fluid separator variants from NS 3 to 15


Class II petrol separator

The KLARO grease separator KLsepa.compact is optimally suited for installation at gas stations, workshops, vehicle fleets.

  • Available as NS 3 - 6 in the sapphire container
  • As NS 6 - 15 in the larger diamond container
  • Accessories: Additional sludge trap, warning systems, sampling shaft


Klasse I Koaleszenzabscheider

The KLARO coalescence separator KLsepa.compact+ is used for the separation of very small oil particles such as in car washes or wash stations.

  • Available as NS 3 - 6 in the sapphire container
  • As NS 6 - 15 in the larger diamond container
  • KLARO coalescence unit: No wear, no clogging and easy to clean
  • Accessories: Additional sludge trap, warning systems, sampling chute

Dimensions of separators in the sapphire tank

 VolumeTank geometryWeight
NSDNLight fluid storageSludge storageTotalDiameter

Hight (without cover)

3 - 600160




3 - 8001605008001.1001,161,6780

3 - 1200


6 - 600


6 - 800


6 - 1200



Dimensions of separators in the diamond tank

 VolumeTank geometryWeight
NSDNLight fluid storageSludge storageTotalLengthWidth

Hight (without cover)


6 - 2600

10 - 26001605002.6002.2102,451,151,66200

10 - 4000


15 - 4000




of the KLARO light fluid separator


As the wastewater is slowed to a lower flow velocity as it enters the separator, natural separation sets in, resulting from the physical properties of the various substances. Oils and greases - also known as light fluids - are of lower density than water and thus rise to the water surface, where they combine to form a layer. Solids, on the other hand, are heavier and collect at the bottom of the tank.
This behavior can be observed with solids in any body of water and with oils whenever oil is added to water, for example, during cooking. This is already the first step to clear water, which is supported or optimized by the KLARO technology in the further separation process to achieve an even higher cleaning performance.

Coalescence unit


The KLARO separator KLsepa.compact+ is a coalescence separator. This means that it is extended by a coalescence unit, which enables a significantly increased separation efficiency. While the limit value of the separation efficiency of a gasoline separator to be achieved is below 100 mg residual oil per liter of water, this value can be reduced to below 5 mg/l residual oil with the help of a coalescence unit.

1. Phase

In addition to oil droplets that can be easily separated, very small oil droplets occur in a light fluid separator whose difference in density to water is too small to rise to the surface in the time available. Therefore, these remain in the outflowing water.

2. Phase

In order to also separate these smaller oil droplets, a material is placed in front of the drain to which the droplets adhere and form an oil film with each other.

3. Phase

Due to the inflow of further oil, the thickness of the oil film increases until the adhesion capacity of the oil film is exceeded. Individual drops are released, the size of which is sufficient to rise to the surface due to the difference in density and thus also be deposited.


The KLARO separator range is complemented by useful accessories, some of which are necessary for the operation of a separator system. In Germany, for example, warning systems and an external sampling shaft are required by law for light liquid separators.

To separator accessories

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