The above ground small wastewater treatment plant


Fully biological treatment system for the purification of all domestic wastewater with proven KLARO SBR technology. Depending on the requirements, different tank sizes and system variants are possible.
The KLARO One UP systems were developed for above-ground installation and are thus used in a wide variety of areas where a special solution is required:

  •  Alternative, where no underground construction is possible
  •  Houseboats
  •  Small commercial establishments
  •  Retrofitting of existing above ground systems
  •  For temporary applications
  •  Experimental wastewater treatment plant

Small single tank compact plant


PEQd [l/d]Bd [g/d]Tank
34501802.000 L
69003604.000 L

Features and dimensions

  • HDPE septic tank
  • Above ground installation
  • In confined spaces
  • For small wastewater volumes

Quality since 20 years

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