Separation technology

KLARO light fluid separator / oil separator retrofit set is the separation unit that we use in the KLsepa.compact light fluid separators. With this separation unit we are able to meet the requirements of customers who already have the necessary tank for their separator and do not want to build a new one.


of the KLARO light fluid separator retrofit set

The KLARO separation technology is so flexible that it can be used in prefabricated concrete or GRP containers. For this purpose, we offer the set-up kit (class II, 100 mg residual oil per liter) or the set-up kit (class I, less than 5 mg residual oil per liter), which can be used in round and angular vessels if a few parameters are observed.

  1. U-piece, component with uniform size up to NS 15
  2. Guide rod made of high quality stainless steel, optional coalescence basket
  3. Factory tared float
  4. Inlet made of durable stainless steel
  5. Drain made of durable stainless steel

Tank geometry


Installation in a vessel that complies with the dimensions below results in a separator that is functionally compliant with EN 8581:2002 + A1:2004 and EN 858-2:2003. The tanks must comply with the country-specific regulations.

To NSWidth b [mm]DN [mm]
10≥ 1150160
15 ≥ 1400 200



 To NS Diameter Ø d  [mm] DN [mm]
 6 ≥ 1000 160
 10 ≥ 1500 160
 15 ≥ 2000 200



of the KLARO light fluid separators


Since they are in fact KLARO light fluid separators after insertion of the retrofit kit, they do not differ from the complete systems in their mode of operation.  Since the wastewater is slowed down to a lower flow velocity when it enters the separator, natural separation sets in, resulting from the physical properties of the different substances. Oils and greases - also known as light liquids - are of lower density than water and thus rise to the water surface, where they combine to form a layer. Solids, on the other hand, are heavier and collect at the bottom of the tank.
This behavior can be observed with solids in any body of water and with oils whenever oil is added to water, for example, during cooking. This is already the first step to clear water, which is supported or optimized by the KLARO technology in the further separation process to achieve an even higher cleaning performance.


The KLARO separator range is complemented by useful accessories, some of which are necessary for the operation of a separator system. In Germany, for example, warning systems and an external sampling shaft are required by law for light liquid separators.

To separator accessories

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