Industrial wastewater

Industrial wastewater usually arises from the cleaning of production facilities and containers in industry and commerce. The nature of such waste water can vary greatly depending on the type of industry. The inflow volume, the dirt concentrations as well as the pH value are often subject to strong fluctuations. The waste water composition depends on the product range, the production programme, the water consumption and the cleaning agents used. Thus, every industry has its own challenges.

KLARO GmbH - experts for industrial wastewater solutions

In the field of industrial wastewater, KLARO GmbH offers solutions with a focus on the treatment of wastewater generated in the food and beverage industry. Depending on the requirements, the wastewater can be fully treated either for discharge into a natural body of water or for infiltration. It can also be pre-treated for discharge into the public sewer system to reduce wastewater charges.

Thanks to its flexibility and robustness, KLARO SBR technology is very well suited for these applications. With years of experience in industrial wastewater treatment, our experts will help you create the best solution for your project.

Each project requires individual consideration in order to meet the requirements of each customer. Contact the KLARO team for your projects in these areas. The complete design sheets for industrial wastewater can be requested from KLARO.


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