KLARO light fluid separation unit (class I and II)

KLsepa.blue NS 3-15



Light fluid unit in concrete tanks

KLsepa.blue is the separation unit we are using in the KLsepa.compact light fluid separators. With this separation unit, we are able to meet the requirements of customers, who already have the necessary tank for their separator and don't want to build up a new one.

For more detailed information about the separation system, please click here.

Advantages of KLsepa.blue+

Caused by the flexibility of the KLARO separation technology, it can also be used for prefabricated GFK-tanks. Therefore we offer the KLsepa.blue retrofit-kit, which can fit in round and rectangular tanks observing a few parameters.

    Advantages KLsepa.blue+


    1. Coalescence unit and leverage
        made of high-quality stainless steel

    2. factory-adjusted float

    3. Inlet made of consistent KG 2000

    4. Outflow made of consistent KG 2000

    5. U-item, component with consistent size up to NS 15

      Sizing of the tank

      Light fluid unit in concrete tanks


        Advantages KLsepa.blue+