Sludge treatment

Additonal module for small wastewater treatment plants

KLARO Sludge dewatering module

Excess sludge must be removed regularly from the system. The liquid activated
sludge can be dewatered and dried onsite with the sludge dewatering unit and
subsequently disposed in the dry state. The reduction in volume and mass of up to 95% saves money for disposal and enables the transport from remote  sites.


Suitable for:


Compost worms (Eisenia Andrei)

Worms for a greater efficiency

By adding a special species of worms (Eisenia Andrei), the desludging can be optimized. The worms dig tunnels in the mud and increase the inclusion of air. This supports the aerobic processes in the mud and the buildup of smells is minimized. The improved inclusion of air reduces the water content in the mud. The metabolic processes of the worms cause an upgrade of the mud to high-quality worm humus.